Fat Kid RunningWhat does it take to be at home in a body? How do you have fun moving in a world of body shaming and fat burning? Join me as I take you cross country on my journey from the fat kid skiving PE lessons, to a fat, fierce, feminist runner. This is not an inspiring before-and-after picture. It won’t make you thinner, or faster. It is a sometimes moving, sometimes funny, always honest exploration of the complicated business of being in a body.

Fat Kid Running is my first full-length spoken word show – it debuted as part of Flint & Pitch, on Friday 12th May, at the Scottish Storytelling Centre. Read about it here!

Wee Reviews gave it four stars – they said:

“With Fat Kid Running, Katherine McMahon presents an honest and brilliant spoken word theatre show that is filled with powerful words and attention grabbing imagery. The performer’s beaming personality is present throughout and this allows the show to unfurl with an easy energy and a joyful glee that is infectious and entertaining.”

I’m looking to book more dates, so if you or anyone you know would like to book it, please do get in touch!