I have performed across the UK – here are some highlights from my feature performances:

AntiSlam, Rally and Broad, Dec 2015
Loud Poets, Dec 2015
Forget What You Heard (About Spoken Word), Nov 2015
Tricolour (National Library of Scotland), Sept 2015
Eden Festival, July 2015
Rally and Broad, Feb 2015
East Kilbride Arts Centre, Feb 2015
Project Naked, Jan 2015
Edinburgh University Composers’ Orchestra (poetry soloist), Nov 2014
Cummnock Music Festival, June 2014
ACT! Festival for Social Change, Mar 2014
Other Voices, Aug 2012, 2013, 2014
TenRed, several dates 2012-2014
Traverse Sessions, Oct 2013
Dive, several dates 2013-2014
Nozstock Festival (Herefordshire), July 2013
Incite (London), June 2013
Fail Better, May 2013
Summerhall Festival Club, Aug 2012
Leith Late, June 2012


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