Upcoming gigs

Featuring at Queer Theory – Weds 20th December, 19:30, Nice N Sleazy, Glasgow

Featuring at the Scarborough Poetry Workshop Open Mic – Fri 23rd March 2018, Woodend, Scarborough

Fat Kid Running

Fat Kid Running is my first full-length spoken word show!Fat Kid Running

What does it take to be at home in a body? How do you have fun moving in a world of body shaming and fat burning? Join me as I take you cross country on my journey from the fat kid skiving PE lessons, to a fat, fierce, feminist runner. This is not an inspiring before-and-after picture. It won’t make you thinner, or faster. It is a sometimes moving, sometimes funny, always honest exploration of the complicated business of being in a body.

I’m currently working on booking more dates – watch this space…


Previous performances were held in:

EDINBURGH: 12th May, 19:30, Scottish Storytelling Centre, as part of Flint & Pitch Presents…

GLASGOW: 9th June, 17:00, Glad Cafe, as part of the Workers Theatre Weekender.

EDINBURGH: 13th June, 19:30, The Bakers Arms, as part of the LEAP Sports Festival Fortnight.

INVERNESS: 15th June, 19:30, Eden Court, as part of the LEAP Sports Festival Fortnight.

EDINBURGH: 28th July, 19:00, The Melting Pot – a Women’s Wellbeing Event by LGBT Health and Wellbeing.


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